One of the bigger mistakes most athletes make is not properly replenishing their bodies following a workout. Recovery not only helps replenish your body but expedites the process. There's no reason to take a chance on questionable, potentially harmful supplements. Recovery is safe allowing for your body speed up its natural recovery process, getting you back in the gym and the results you've been working toward.


  • Accelerates Muscle Growth*
  • Reduces Recovery Time*
  • Increases Strength*
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Spend hours working out at the gym? One of the most common mistakes people making is not allowing their bodies to rest and recover after a strenuous workout. What health enthusiasts do not realize is that muscle growth starts the moment you stop working out. The fact is you will not notice positive results if you don’t follow a proper recovery protocol. Lifting heavy weight causes muscles to suffer and break down in a process known as catabolism which is why you must adopt a proper recovery action plan.

Recovery is a miraculous product that naturally speeds up your recovery process, allowing you to reap the results you have been working towards. Recovery works be helping replenish energy supplies in your body along with providing the necessary chemicals necessary to speed up the process. Most health enthusiasts do not realize that recovery must occur before any progress is made. This allows body builders to stay injury-free and benefit from long-term training. After using Recovery, you will notice the following results

Please note this product is not for children and for pregnant women. If you are suffering from a health problem, please take the advice of a health professional before using this product. It is suggested that you take two capsules post workout.

Key Benefits*

•      Increased strength

•      Reduced recovery time after working out

•      Accelerated muscle growth

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